Versace Boys

The Versace boys were born in the back of a gold plated Porsche parked at the Versace palace in the goldy. They grew up only eating with silver spoons and often crashing expensive automobiles their parents bought for them. They realised at the age of 1 that they weren’t only made for the world of fashion and that they could also write sick bangers. The Versace boys are Hansel Wildfire and Coast and Ocean who met at a Sticky Fingers concert in Berlin 2019 and have been writing music together ever since. Ps They only wear Versace. The VBs are the richest and most famous influencers in all of Byron Bay. They are also the best musicians and freestylers in the cosmos. Come and bathe in their greatness like a dog in a hot tub They excel in ironically lit hip hop bangers filled with comedic social commentary