Event Cancelled😢

To all of you amazing Mushroom Pixies.
We have some news, it’s not the best news and please understand that it was the hardest thing we have ever had to do… but we have come to the decision to cancel Mushroom Valley 2020.
Please understand that this was a really stressful and painful decision for us to make but we have some very good reasons and we will explain them to you. 
This would have been the 9th Mushroom Valley and we are so very proud of what it has become and what we have all created over these last years, some of you have been with us from the beginning and others for many years and we have grown to become not just one of the best small festivals in Australia but also one big family.
One deciding factor for us cancelling was that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE to dancing which meant we could not have a dance floor. Mushroom Valley dance floors are an incredible place to be, to express ourselves and unite with one another surrounded by the vibration of amazing music of superb production and by the humans we want to connect with. This is one of the main reasons we spend our life putting on Mushroom Valley and we cannot imagine the festival without it.
There would be heavy fines if we are found to not abide by this restriction which in all honesty could ruin us financially so it is not a risk that we can take. 
Seriously…. a festival where you are not allowed to dance…or hug!! Unimaginable! 
We wish there was a way around it but at this point with restrictions tightening in the south and borders remaining closed… we just cannot bring ourselves to attempt to put on a festival like Mushroom with these restrictions in place. The experience just will not be what we want for you all.
Another factor is that many of our Market Stalls, Performers and Artists are from interstate and they are unable to cross the border to be with us. This makes putting on a festival extremely hard when we are missing so many of the amazing team that make this festival what you know it to be. 
All tickets from Mushroom Valley and Happy Daze will be valid for next 3 years.
Please understand that we are unable to give refunds.
We still can’t believe that we have had to cancel Happy Daze and now Mushroom Valley. These festivals are our life and we know that they are also very important to the tribe. Lets aim for an epic festival season in 2021!
Thank you all for your support. It means so much to us and you keep us going. 
Big love and gratitude,
Benny, Nit Nat and The Mushy Crew