Markets and stalls for Mushroom Valley 2024 will be announced below in the very near future!

We can't wait to continue revealing this year's experience.


Explore an array of captivating market stalls at Mushroom Valley Festival, where a diverse tapestry of artisans and vendors converge to offer a unique shopping experience. From handcrafted jewellery to bohemian apparel and organic delights, each stall is a treasure trove of creativity. Immerse yourself in a world of colours, textures, and flavors as you browse through these vibrant market spaces, where every purchase supports the spirit of independent craftsmanship and sustainable living. Discover the perfect memento or treat yourself to something extraordinary at the bustling market stalls of Mushroom Valley Festival.

Food Stalls

There are 2 eating areas that boasts a variety of different food & drinks. Each food vendor is equipped to provide you with amazing healthy and delicious options. Our Main Eating area is located at the entrance of the Top Market Alley, with four amazing vendors and showcasing the newly added Market Stage you can refuel while enjoying the talent that the Blackboard Style Stage has to offer. The River Eating space is located on the River right by the Healing Space. Enjoy a coffee and delicious food while you relax in the shaded space on the River.

Market Stall Applications

We are looking for unique, sustainable and handcrafted stalls.
Applications are opening very soon. Spots are limited.

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