Tom Cosm

This mythical beast really needs no introduction but his journey with sound and frequency is one worth telling. Tom has revolutionized the algorithms behind making electronic music and has encouraged other artists in Aotearoa / around the world to see the world in terms of frequency. If he isn't creating his soundscapes totally off the fly using live digital technology, he is retrieving data directly from the environment around him to input into sound making gadgets! Tom has elevated the very foundation of electronic music in Aotearoa and is the mastermind behind the sound science project "Sleep Music For Vegan Dogs". Heart monitors, breathing apparatus and brainwave monitors are hooked up to a willing participant and the data analyzed from their bodies creates sound. Other than being a certified sound scientist and creating an artificially intelligent avatar of himself. Tom has taken his original tracks and mixing to various continents around the globe and chances are you have celebrated at least one new years countdown with him. Buckle in as we delve into this existential audio hallucination.