Nathaniel Hansen's deep interest in music began at age 8 when he received his first instrument, the drum kit. Undertaking study learning jazz and swing drumming from the Colin Spry drum clinic into his early teens. 
 Nathaniel worked with a large variety of bands throughout high school and went on to study music performance, jazz and contemporary at NMIT in Fairfield Melbourne shortly after. 
After covering a subject featuring the use of DAW software and electronic music production in the course. Nathaniel was captivated by this independent way to compose music and fell in love with synthesis. 
After 6 months of using Ableton Live Nathaniel released his first EP “Refresh” and launched the beginning of his project Smilk. In 2018 Nathaniel launched his own record label called Smilk Music, Debuting with the album Blossom.
This Label is dedicated to showcasing and releasing Smilk’s unique music style.
Running his own record label, while also being his own manager and booking agent Smilk is an independent music project entirely.
Now with nine releases of Eps and albums and various entries on compilations, Smilk has established a unique sound and place within the music scene. 
Working with events such as: Rainbow Serpent, Boom Festival, Tanglewood, Earth Frequency, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, The Town, Dragon Dreaming, Smilk has played many events all over Australia. Smilk has also toured abroad performing in countries such as Mauritius, New Zealand, Spain, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala and Portugal. Genre Bending, Expressive, emotional, at times simple andother times quite technical. Smilk is a unique music experience be it on the dance floor, or simply listening to his works.