Reality Test is Nica Iliuhin, 29 years old, based in Tel aviv, Israel & Berlin, Germany. After discovering music productions in early age 17, she knew that this is what she going to do for the rest her of life. She started her production lessons in Tel Aviv to capture the basics and after 6 month of studies she continued to explore and develop her music production. By age 18 she already played her first live show as “Iliuchina” and by the age 21 she played her first international gig. In 2013 While performing all around the world with her first project Iliuchina she moved to Berlin to studied Sound engineering. The work with different music genres during university influenced her and she decide to create her second project "Reality Test". By the age of 24 she wrote a thesis on Modular synthesis and “Reaktor” by Native instruments and she was invited to lecture about her work in Portugal. In 2018 her collaboration with the Ukraine band “Shanti people” was chosen as the first release of Vini vici’s new label Alteza Record, following a release in Armada Music - Remix to the legendary track of “Adam K & Soha - Twilight”. Following those releases she was signed to the label “Alteza Records” and “Alteza Bookings”. Her first release in 2019 was her collaboration with Vini vici and Shanti people - “Karma", released as the first release of Alteza Records as part of Smash the House. Her second release in 2019 is her collaboration with Blastoyz - “Kabalah".