Mish N Possible

Captivating, Breathtaking, Gob smacking, transcendental, a spectacle to say the least, Mish N Possible are much more than unique! Two Singer/Songwriters in their own right Mish and Adam’s collaborative forces combine to create spectacular sounds that are beautifully blowin minds. Live drum n bass mantra trance - Big beats and Bad ass Bass with positive affirmations and an awe inspiring grace, this duo captivates and regenerates, has you busting out mad moves that will blow away your mates! It’s no surprise that their video went viral; a 40 second sweet n sexy snippet from Mushrroom Valley live performance featuring Mish in her short skirt and pink pleats with her fingers moving so fast the fretboard might overheat! 2023 saw Mish N Possible personally invited to perform at: Airlie Beach Music Festival Wintermoon Festival Great Barrier Reef Festival Springfest Mushroom Valley 
Catch them while you can!