Mickey Space

"Salutations to the extraterrestrial architects who anointed Mickey Space as the harbinger of sonic wonder!” Emanating from the depths of interstellar realms, Mickey Space embodies the essence of celestial groove. Dubbed the Oceanic Jack Sparrow of beats, Mickey fearlessly thrives on adventure and embraces the unknown. With a daring spirit, he's propelled his eclectic career into the cosmos. From soulful rhythms to electronic enchantment, Mickey has serenaded the most discerning dance floors across the galaxy! While rooted in Melbourne, Mickey's odyssey began amidst the sun-kissed shores of a Thai island, launching his diverse musical journey over two decades ago! A stalwart of Australia's festival circuit, he's graced the stages of countless gatherings, leaving an indelible mark on a spectrum of dance cultures, from house to glitch and beyond. In recent years, Mickey's sonic explorations have intertwined with his spiritual pilgrimage, weaving elements of the sacred and shamanic into his sets, guiding dancers on mystical journeys of the soul. 
Blasting his way from steampunk hyperspace, Mickey Space is the finest purveyor of transcendent aural funk.