“The high tech low life” In the neon-lit streets of the sprawling metropolis, broken beats and distorted basslines echo, pulsing and thrumming through its darkest depths and breathing life into the underground music scene. It is from the deep depths of illegal raves and parties beyond the city limits that a new sonic force emerges: ILLUCID. A freshly minted producer alias, born from the creative mind of backstreet bass fiend Jon Moreno - an old soul bearing a repertoire of fresh new grooves. Having cut his teeth on a diet of breakbeats and funk, Illucid represents a quantum leap into the uncharted depths of left field bass music. Drawing from a decade of sonic exploration, Illucid carefully crafts sets in the creative forge, smithing an eclectic blend of influences into a carefully moulded auditory experience. Taking listeners on a curated journey through the shadowy back alleys of dance music, he seamlessly blurs the lines between halftime, IDM, dubstep, and hip hop.