Hugh Jass

Co creators of the AWC theme camp, Hugh Jass was forged in the flames of the burn (and doof) and is part comedy, part phat, funky, booty techno guaranteed to get any dance floor grooving and giggling, mixed to be full of fun. With a love for variety, and shenanigans Hugh Jass has featured across the country performing at Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Burning Man, Wide Open Space, Happy Daze, Esoteric, Elements, Metamorph, The Town, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Mushroom Valley, Subsonic, Burning Seed, Psyfari, Sydney Burner Decom, MelBURN Decom, Canberra Solstice along with Trash Bash, Psyland, Lucid Labyrinth, Mystic Mountains, Basscamp and Squared Senses.