Coming from a family of composers, has been immersed in music her entire life, wandering into CD shops in search for new sounds from an early age, learning piano, as well as attending dance lessons in the US where she was born. After living as a fashion model in Italy, In 2019 She start organize event , 2021 Join Zenon Records and released her first V.A compilation album on 2023. She played biggest festival in the world such as Universo Paralello2019,2022 (Brazil) Modem Festival2022,2023 (Croatia), Earth Frequency, Esoteric (Australia), Sunshine Festival, Green Magic (Japan) , Master of Puppets (Czech Republic), Drops Festival(Slovenia), Tarmac Festival (Germany) France, Israel, Thailand and more. Her play style is mainly Zenonesqe, Hypnotic Techno,Forest music. Soundcloud Facebook Instagram Youtube Inside the Universe completed by. EMIRI