Mushroom Valley is more then just a party, it is a community. A place where you can grow, learn and connect with other like minded people. A place where you can come and be revitalised and re-energised to go out and take on the "real" world. There are plenty of workshops for the young and old in the healing village as well as massage and reiki.

Over the weekend the music will range through many genres. 

There are a few things we at Mushroom Valley Productions are extremely passionate about. One thing is providing a safe and respectful environment for the whole family from young to old.

Another big one is  LEAVE NO TRACE.

Each year we get better and better and so do you, so lets make this year even more amazing by doing a few simple things:

  1. Think about what it is you are bringing to Mushroom Valley this year. Remember you have to take it ALL home with you...so REDUCE YOUR WASTE before you arrive to the site.
  2. Have seperate buckets or bags in your camps for compost/cans, recyclables/plastics. Mixing your food waste with the rest of your garbage is messy and creates evil gases that are destroying the planet! 
  3. Bring plenty of water in large reusable containers, avoid single use ANYTHING :)
  4. Use cigarette butt bins ALWAYS, even in camp. They are the thing we pick up the most when we clean the site. They do not break down and we are constantly picking up butts new and old. Be a responsible smoker please.
  5. Collect all of those little bits of clean hard plastic and stuff them into a plastic juice or water bottle, use something like a large tent peg to compact it down and you will make a strong plastic brick that can be used in earthship building foundations and will save on space tremendously!! Its true look it up! Collect your soft plastics like bread bags and chip packets and take them to the nearest RedCycle collection spot (coles or wollies collect for RedCycle).
  6. Bring your own plate, bowl, mug, cup, cutlery and reusable straw and use these instead of single use items. You can take them to the food stalls too, even though the stalls use bio stuff you can still avoid these and reduce even more waste. 
  7. Before you leave your camp spot PLEASE have your own little emu parade and pick up all of those tiny little things like cigarette butts, ring pulls, string, pegs, sequins, feathers...who knows it could be anything but what ever it is it doesn't belong on the ground. Please take it home with you. Many animals and birds inhabit this land and we don't want them consuming our plastic or other waste. Please leave the land as you found it, or better if you can :)
  8. Make sure you dispose of your rubbish responsibly on the way out of the festival. Take it home, to the nearest large town or preferably to a recycling centre. Please don't dump your rubbish anywhere.

As consumers we really need to step it up and start thinking about ways to reduce our waste. There are huge negative effects our waste has on the planet and our natural ecosystems. If each of us looks after our own then it really isn't hard at all. 

If anyone has anymore awesome ideas please feel free to share.

Thank you in advance pixies, see you really soon!!! 





- There are no eftpos facilities on site. Make sure you bring cash.

- We are working with council and local police and will have security on site.

- We will also be offering a new service this year where for a small fee you will be able to be tested for alcohol or dugs before you leave the festival.



- NO ICE.......We understand that everyone partys differently however smoking ice lowers your vibration and we do not want it at our festivals. 

- NO DOGS, please do not bring dogs to the festival, you will be asked to leave.

- NO GLASS, please do not bring ANY glass bottles, they are dangerous and often get smashed into the ground!

- NO FIRES, The property is at the edge of a state forest so fire safety is a must! TOTAL FIRE BAN!

- TAKE YOUR RUBBISH WITH YOU! If we want to continue to use this site for events then our impact needs to be minimal!



-There will be free camping from friday 12pm until 12pm monday