The Squeaking Tribe

The Squeaking Tribe's Museum of Interactive Effigies

The Squeaking Tribe is a touring exhibition of marionettes and interactive effigies. Established in 1996 by South Australian artist, Sol, and now joined by Canadian wife and partner, Sara Lee, the Tribe meticulously creates by hand hundreds of individual, fully-functioning marionette puppets for performance, play and aesthetic display. Every marionette they make, whether part of a select series or an individual one-off design, is an original piece of art which can also be used to act out stories, entertain an audience or educate children as a teacher's aid. Displayed separately, they can inspire people with both their colour and character and remind us of the age-old craft of storytelling; taken altogether as an elaborate display, the Tribe creates a wonderland of the imagination where people can explore and experiment with the Lost Worlde of puppetry.