Smiggle is the DJ persona of Ben Irving. As a promoter, and appreciator of all types of music,     the key word for this fun-loving tune spinner is diversity. In the past twelve years this cheeky     character has played numerous sets throughout Australia, as well as founding central Queensland's most prominent parties – Mushroom Valley and Happy Daze, he also now also runs the Subterrin  stage at Earth Frequency Festival. In the last few years he has supported  Grouch,Opiuo,Spoonbill,Staunch,Tetrameth,Terrafractyl,One Tasty Morsel,Defunk and many 

Smiggle will tailor his sets specifically for each gig he plays at and each slot he is given.The term “genre” hold little relevance, as this DJ will seamlessly transition between glitch, breaks, prog,   minimal or psy-trance, and anything in between. The bottom line is not the style, but the content, and the bottom line is always good electronic music. As this vast world of 
sound we live in continues to expand, Smiggle will be at the forefront of all styles, continuously evolving his exciting and enjoyable sets and capturing the very best of the vast realm of
electronica the planet has to offer. Ben's mixes are always guaranteed to create precious, precious moments.