Psymon/Old man river


Old Man River is the down-beat grooves project of Simon Zaicz. Affectionately known as 'Pa' ', Simon's involvement and commitment to the Australian music scene extends beyond the realms of electronic music festivals. During the 70's and 80's Simon worked with some of the largest acts of the Australian music industry, which included touring with the Australian Crawl and managed tours for The Split Endz.
Following an already extensive career in live music Simon went on to embrace the world of outdoor electronic music festivals. As one of the founding members of the Australian outdoor festival circuit, he paved the way for the Far North Queensland outdoor electronic music scene to flourish. His contribution to the collective has made the vision of the Nth Queensland dance community a reality.

Old Man River delivers an epic array of juicy downbeat grooves, that while inspiring the mind into otherwordly realms, maintain a keen and present dancefloor energy. No moment of presence is spared as Old Man River commands and demands a dynamic dancefloor presence with his carefully selected tracks from some of the worlds finest bass music.