Nikki S

Nikki S


Nikki S has firmly established herself as one of the UK’s top psytrance artists. Her debut album on Alchemy Records turned heads across the globe when it shot to No. 2 in the Beatport psytrance charts placing Nikki alongside legendary label artists Sonic Species and Burn In Noise.

Over the past couple of years we have seen Nikki take it up a gear with a string of Top 10 charting tracks and blasting the stages at world famous festivals alongside the world's top psychedelic acts.

With a unique blend of psychedelic grooves from fat progressive beats to driving grooves and high energy psychedelic melodies, Nikki's sets and productions are high impact and guaranteed to rock the dance floor.

Over the years Nikki has developed a strong fan base with residencies at some of London's most legendary events and has been recognised by DJ Mag as one of the 'Major Impact' artists for the future.

2020 sees Nikki S join the mega United Beats alongside psytrance legends Mad Maxx, Space Tribe, Mad Tribe, Mekkanikka, Stryker and more!

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