Mickey Space

Mickey Space

"I give thanks to the aliens who made the DJ messiah of magic and named him Mickey Space”

Blasting his way from steampunk hyperspace, Mickey Space is the finest purveyor of transcendent aural funk.

The Oceanic Jack Sparrow, not one for complacency and with a penchant for taking risks, Mickey has catapulted his genre-diverse career into the stratosphere. Proper soul music with an electronic pulse, Mickey’s soundtracked the galaxy’s most discerning discos and doofs!

He’s a Melbourne-based DJ, however, he had been living the fantasy life long ago in a small island in Thailand where he took shots propelling his multi-genre career to its supreme well over 20 years ago!
 Having played a vital part in the evolution of Australia’s festivals and raves, he’s performed on several of these major stages. Mickey has been a key player across many dance cultures: house music, breaks, bass music, electro swing and glitch and ecstatic dance to name a few.

In the past few years Mickey has refined his art of djing permeating his spiritual path with his musical journeys infusing elements of the sacred, shamanic and mystical into his sets.