Logman n Pstump

Logman n Pstump

Body moving music, with a thick luscious whomp, Logman & Pstump is an ever evolving project. Incorporating the drive of psychedelic trance, the hypnotic throb of Techno, with spices of jazzy trills amongst environmental bleeps & bloops. The music is playful but powerful. Imbuing energy & life, with a hint of introspection, into the listener.

Enjoyed whilst stomping up a storm or laying back soaking in the atmosphere of life. Profound but party, the perfect synergy of heavy & light: music that makes you dance, drink & think 😉

Enjoyed by frenzied dance floors across Australia, Sammy Pstump has delighted doofers from Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tasmania and Queensland, at festivals such as Dragon Dreaming, Earth Frequency, Subsonic, Regrowth, New Psycle, Psyfari, Burning Seed, Psyland, Fraktaleyes and many many more.

Distinctly Aussie, like sinking cold ones by the beach with a couple of babes and a few bogans.

Initially the creation of Charlie Palmer & Sam Lilburn... but currently soley Sammy's brain wave manifestation.