Like Liquid

Like Liquid

The amalgamation of techno, minimal, progressive, bass house and electro elements results in these strange sounds - Only one rule: let it flow, Like Liquid.

Holding the fun and cheeky yet darkened energy of Purple Hayes, producer Hugo Hayes smoothly delves into the slower tempos, an experimentation with style and groove.

Working closely with Australian Bassic Records on his original artist development, Like Liquid released his debut concept EP “Gryphon” to kick into 2016. His remix of Ark-E-Tech & Käse Kochen’s “We Wombats” released in February 2017 received huge support in South America, premiering on Brazil’s Abstract Channel.

His few releases and substantial performances have resulted in a massive response: downloads and plays in the tens of thousands on each track, old yet fresh releases still circulating heavily and support from artists such as Perfect Stranger / Yuli Fershtat, Talpa / The Riddler and FlexB / Tolkien32.

2017 has seen Like Liquid reach the corners of Australia, including in Tasmania, Perth, NSW Coast and Queensland Coast. Like Liquid performed in the Bassic Records Showcase on the main stage of Rabbits Eat Lettuce supporting Enrico Sangiuliano and at Fractangular Gathering supporting Yuli Fershtat aka Perfect Stranger. The project is set for a festival tour through QLD, NSW and ACT before the year is out.

New Like Liquid material taking form behind the scenes, the future of the project is near.