K.i.M (Joakim Fogelmark’s) passion for music started already an early age, spending all his pocket money on Metal and 70's rock records. He got his first guitar when he was 9 and was banging on a drum kit by the age of 11. Throughout his teenage years he played in various bands in Sweden. He found his love for Psy-Trance when a friend took him to his first party back in ’93. KIM was completely blown away by the music and the atmosphere. But it was not in till 1999, while based in London that he bought his first studio equipment and began producing Psy-Trance, Techno and Minimal House , and DJ-ing in various parties around the Globe. In 2009 he started to work on his debut album, but his fate was altered when one foggy Christmas eve in Goa in 2010, his house was burgled while he was at a rave, and he lost every piece of music he ever made (backups and all). That didn’t phase our hero, and the following year he set up a studio in Vagator, Goa where over a six month period he wrote a bunch of new tracks and had a chance to collaborate with some top producers who passed the season in Goa. Kim’s first release “Party In The Woods” came on Grasshopper Records, Japan in 2012, and was very well received. Today, when Kim is not flying around the world , he is in his smoke-filled studio working on his collaboration projects ; Filterheads, and , or producing his debut album ‘The Real K.I.M Shady’ ( out in June on Zero One Music. ) LINKS:LINKS: